Monday, February 18, 2008

Free T-Mobile Games

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You don't need to get bored now. Several websites offer you a palette of games! If you are a T-Mobile user, there are a number of free T-Mobile games waiting for you. You can easily download those games from the Internet absolutely free of cost! Some of those free T-Mobile games are:

Candy Track - The story of this game is about a trouble-maker kid who screws up his candies, which attract the insect attention. The main mission of this game is searching hidden objects within time limitation. To play this game you have to press left, right, up and down button or button number like 4, 6, 2, and 8 in order to move the cursor (pointing hand shape cursor) direction. Then you have to press center button or button number 5 to assume any object. You have to be careful a lot. If there is nothing, you lose time.

Checkers Fever - Checkers Fever is a mobile version of an addictive checkers game. You will play the checkers against your phone. Try to take all your opponent's pieces. Pieces can be moved forward to vacant diagonally adjacent squares, If an opponent's piece is diagonally adjacent, it can be captured forward. When a piece reaches the last row, it becomes a king and can move and capture pieces backward.

More free T-Mobile games are:

Ea Sports FIFA 07 - It depicts the essence of the highs and lows of knockout football in FIFA 07 Cup mode. This is the season where you make the difference.

Skate - It is an extreme and high-flying skateboard action oriented game. You have to control your skater and nail sick trick lines.

The Simpsons - Enter Springfield for an adventure in the hilarious Simpsons world. Guide Homer as he races to prevent a nuclear meltdown. This game is one of the most popular free T-Mobile games.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

PlayStation Sound Format PSF

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PlayStation Games developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inclusive (SCEI) has revolutionized the entertainment industry. PlayStation games have made indoor entertainment interesting and pleasurable resulting into remarkable sales after their launch. The play station games console was unveiled in the market in 1997. The newer versions of play station games like the PlayStation 2 launched in the market in November in 2000. It was the second game console of Sony. With unique features like sound and game features this new system was highly welcomed in the entertainment industry.

PlayStation 3 came into existence, the third home video game console of Sony Computer Entertainment in November 2006. PlayStation3 has some advanced technologies equipped in the system including Blue-ray Disc Cell, RSX™ Processors, Giga-bit Ethernet and next generation primary storage. Back content can be played from Blu-ray Disc (BD) at a bit rate of miscellaneous 48Mbps. PlayStation Sound Format refers to distinct sound data file derived from the video games of various game consoles. Get comprehensive insight on PlayStation Sound Format from the pages of

PlayStation Sound Format was actually used for video games of Sony PlayStation. Neill Corlett in 2003 designed the PlayStation Sound Format. He was the writer of Winamp plugin Highly Experimental that provides comprehensive details on PSF1 and PSF2 files. PlayStation Sound Format files comprise of a wide array of samples and player programs. PSF format has enabled less space storage than the previous WAV and MP3 format. The quality of the song remains unchanged with the song retaining the original version.

The PSF sub formats have a miniPSF/PSFlib features in them. With the aid of these features data used by various tracks can be stored once in the PSFlib or in the miniPSF file. All these enhance the efficiency of file storage. Background music stored in PSF files does not get damaged and can be played forever without difficulties. A PSF2 file is a type of PlayStation Sound Format File. The file has been installed directly from a PlayStation 2 video game. PSF2 has a well-structured file system unlike PSF, which is executed by a single play station sound. The current rate of a sample of PlayStation Sound Format is 44100 Hz while the rate of a sample of PSF2 is 48000 Hz. The PSF and PSF2 files have header that determine the type of video game system the file has in its data store. The optional tags at the end offer comprehensive insight on the file.

Previously PSF meant "PlayStation Sound Format". Nowadays with the inclusion of PSF2, DSF (Dreamcast Sound Format), SSF (Sega Saturn Sound Format), QSF (Capcom Q-Sound Format), GSF (Game Boy Advance Sound Format), USF (Nintendo Ultra 64 Sound Format) and many other sub formats, PSF is broadly termed as "Portable Sound Format.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Award-Winning Windows Mobile Smartphone Games

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How about spending your pastime in a playful way with more interesting and exciting versions of mobile games? Sounds great! onlinegameshub offers you detailed information on the various award-winning windows mobile Smartphone games that are surely going to immerse you in its world of stunning graphics and superb audio effects! Modern technologies have made game creation the ultimate passion for making a person’s pastime more entertaining.

Playing award-winning windows mobile Smartphone games is a great way of utilizing your pastime in an enjoyable way. So, make award-winning windows mobile Smartphone games your favorite pastime by downloading Windows Mobile Smartphone award-winning games. A smartphone is a type of mobile phone that offer advanced capabilities that remain absent in a typical mobile phone. Smartphone comes often with functionalities of a PC. The Smartphone is the next hardware platform after the Pocket PC for running Windows Mobile.

One of the most popular award-winning windows mobile Smartphone games is the Astraware Sudoku. This award winning smartphone game is packed with features in a user-friendly interface. It can also be downloaded in Palm OS and Windows Mobile phones. This version of puzzle craze has become a worldwide loved phenomenon. A wide range of assistance is included where there is a smart hint system, hold-and-highlight for beginners and pencil-marks. In this game dedicated companion website feature solving techniques and additional puzzle packs. The player can also download the ‘Puzzle of the Day’ over air or by connected device. The game’s in built puzzle generator creates billions of puzzles, literally! The other popular games for Windows Mobile Smartphone are:

Bejeweled: This Smartphone game is an original gem-swapping game that promises to make everybody’s pastime a delightful moment of playfulness.

Big Box of Blox: This is a game of block stacking fun that takes the player to outrageous extremes of excitement!

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